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Consumer demand for wellness services and products has never been higher. With a 2022 marketplace worth $4.4 trillion, and forecast to reach $7 trillion by 2025, the wellness industry becomes more than 2 times larger than the almost $2 trillion pharmaceutical industry.*

An Industry Ready to Explode

As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket and treatment modalities remain mostly compartmentalized due to insurance providers, an evolution towards a wellness-conscious consumer is taking hold. Modern lifestyles are being redefined constantly as people have grown to realize that sustaining basic health has become little more than expensive sickness management. Against a wider landscape, however, it also implies that people from all walks of life are now embracing a variety of healthy habits and practices that prevent disease, improve health, enhance the quality of life, and bring us all closer to an optimal state of well-being.

These are the consumers who have formed the backbone of a wellness economy that is exploding internationally. In stark contrast to the medical world, which has focused on clinical and curative solutions, wellness is often viewed as empowerment, where the paradigm is seen as proactive, voluntary, and individually driven - so it should come as no surprise that this is where your opportunity with Zenus Global Health finds common ground.

Where Does Zenus Fit Into The Mix?

Clearly, there has never been a better time to get involved with the wellness movement. Members receive instant access to a highly successful product with loads of untapped potential and a ground-floor opportunity that requires minimal risk. Simply put, this is a low-calorie burn business model that you can regulate on your own time. Zenus provides all the tools and support to help you capitalize on a market trend that is outpacing the general economy while ensuring that you can enjoy the lifestyle you want as a wellness-conscious consumer and 'influencer'.

It begins with the simple decision of saying yes to wellness and sharing the Zenus message.

Starting your own Zenus business has never been easier. Simply click the 'register' button and choose 'Member' on the 'enrollment page' and place your order online. Zenus products support a healthy living lifestyle, have stood the test of time, and simply sell themselves. You are your own boss with no demands or qualifications required of you. You decide how many hours you want to dedicate and the strategies that work best for your Zenus business.

Our technology is based one clear principle.

At Zenus we believe in helping others as we would help ourselves. And over the years we have discovered that technology alone can make a process more efficient, but not always effective unless you can engage people with the right information instantly. To that end, we've made huge investments in our website to make it completely smartphone ready for use, built up new systems to track sales and instantly calculate your commissions while also adding new support media to help you work one-to-one with your prospects, customers and members that you recruit along the way. We'll keep you informed with all the information you need to be successful through press releases, digital media that's designed to instruct as much as it entertains and ongoing communication about offers and best practices.

One of our best kept secrets is that decades of expertise and experience is at your fingertips once you become a member. When you come onboard with Zenus, you are joining a real community that has been well ahead of the curve when it comes to the wellness industry. Your sponsor and our corporate trainers all share in your success, just as you will with your own recruits, so you will feel part of a team from day one that is committed to helping you reach your fullest potential. The growth trajectory of the wellness industry now appears unstoppable and you will not find a better time to get into a business with established products that help people help themselves to better lifestyle and optimal wellness. Your sponsor and corporate trainers will also share their valuable insights and experiences as the industry appears poised for explosive growth over the next decade.

Membership Benefits

  • Membership is an 'option' provided for those that seek a personalized low-risk, turn-key, home-based business opportunity priced at just $10 annually.
  • $10 Enrollment includes: your own replicated website and 1-year web hosting and product training (upon request) and starts earning residual income for Members.
  • Purchase any one of our 5/10/20 packages and maximize the 'huge' discounts.
  • Members can earn additional passive income--without the demands of qualifying monthly.
  • Achieve attainable goals and targets that lead to residual earnings.
  • Get 'free shipping' when you choose a monthly subscription of 5 or more Zenus products and we also waive the yearly renewal fee (after a 12 consecutive month subscription).
  • Zenus provides valuable education (upon request) along with resources that help get the results you desire.
  • Zenus products are easy to promote; simply share your own success story and direct people to your Zenus replicated URL.  It's that simple and easy! 

Choose Your Own Plan as a 'Member'

  • Option 1
    Choose either a 5 or 10-Bottle 'Variety' or 'Custom' Pak and maximize volume purchase discounts. Members are generously rewarded for referring others to their Zenus replicated site (URL)  Check the details on the 'Compensation Plan' page. 
  • Option 2
    Choose a 20-Bottle 'Variety' or 'Custom' Pak and maximize volume purchase discounts even more.
     Members are generously rewarded for referring others to their Zenus replicated site (URL).  Check the details on the 'Compensation Plan' page.

What Zenus Customers Say About Our Products

  • I have been suffering from asthma since I was a kid and taking medications up to six times daily for many years. With my life changes and taking Microbiome Boost (Optimum D-tox) on a regular basis for over 10 years. I have been off all medications and am free of asthma symptoms. Thank you Zenus for your outstanding products.

    Manfred Steinhausen, Switzerland
  • After 4 days of 8 drops 2x per day, my wife and I feel the difference. All our aches and pains are gone and we are able to get out of bed without any pain. We thought all our suffering was just part of getting older; we didn't even realize that it was our body's way of telling us that we have arthritis. We love the Microbiome Boost (Optimum D-Tox) and are so glad we found it.

    Randall & Carol Las Vegas, NV
* Global Wellness Institute,
The 2022 Global Wellness Economy Monitor

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